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Giovanni Boldini was born in Ferrara, in Pole Vault, 1941 December 31, 1842 by the Wedding (1830) Welcome Caleffi (1811-1879) and Antonio Boldini (1799-1872), painter formed under the leadership of Joseph Saroli and only son Mandolins Beatrice and Joseph (1774-1808). He was baptized the same day in the church of Santa Maria in Vado with the names John Giusto Filippo Maria. He godfather Philip Pasini. His brothers are: Beatrice (1830), Louis (1832), Charlotte (1833), Filomena (1835), Maria (1837), Joseph (1839), Joachim (1841), Francis (1844), Gaetano (1846), Anna (1848), Veronica (1850), Peter (1852). Between 1844 and 1846 Antonio Boldini does the illustrations for the Lives of 'painters and sculptors of Ferrara Jerome Baruffaldi. In that same period of John's great-uncle died, Louis (1772 - 30 June 1846), rich lawyer who, not having direct lineage to leave part of its assets to grandchildren, naming his nephew Antonio usufructuaries property and his brother Charles (1782 - 1849). The following year the family moved to the Bolduc house of the deceased uncle, in Borgonuovo 1719. In 1850 he received the confirmation and began attending elementary school in the district of San Domenico, where he teaches Bottomed Antonio. Dropping out of school to devote himself full time to drawing. With his brothers fell ill with tuberculosis. Meanwhile the bride's sister Beatrice (1852) who with her husband settled for a time, in Pole Vault 353, a guest of her grandmother Beatrice and her second husband, Louis Federzoni. At the age of fourteen (1856) does a masterful portrait. Is exercised by the spinet. These were the years when he attended the painting school of the brothers Gary and Jerome Domenech. Due to the death of her husband, Beatrice Mandolins, aunt, as he called Zanin (John) in 1857 went to live at home where the child will spend the last three years of its existence. In 1859, commissioned by Alessandro Gori, makes a copy of Raphael's Madonna of the Chair. Among this year and '62, thanks to his friend Timothy Pasini, engaged to Adele walks, knows her sister, Julia, with whom he falls hopelessly in love. The love for the girl is not fully paid, so that this will be married the following year with the Bologna Cesare Gualandi. In 1861 is exempt from military service because only 1.54 m high, an inch below the height requirement. With the mortgage placed on housing in via Borgonuovo, John receives 3,724 pounds in 1862. And coming of age of the brothers Joachim, Joseph and Louis, in 1863, gets 29,260 pounds as part of the legacy due to him years earlier by the paternal great-uncle, a sum that in a few months (1864?) Allows him to move to Florence accompanied Aeneas by his Vendeghini. In the grand ducal town makes friends with Michele Gordigiani (probably already in contact with the father), with Cristiano Banti and Telemaco Signorini, in the company of which he attended the Coffee and CaffË Doney Michelangelo on Via Tornabuoni. His residence in Florence, at least for a while, is set on a paragraph Lambertesca 10, third floor. In conjunction with the Easter of 1864, he returned to Ferrara for the death of his brother Francesco. He knows the Laskaraki and Marcellin Desboutin it is hosted in a villa dell'Ombrellino Bellosguardo. Between 1865 and '66 he went several times in the estate of Diego Martelli in Castiglioncello and, presumably, in Ferrara for the death of his sister Anna (1856). The lover of the arts exhibitions at the Society for Encouragement of Florence. He was awarded by the Ministry of Agriculture and received no later than the first enthusiastic review signed by Telemaco Signorini. Also in 1866 may have taken a trip, and in Lombardy in Naples with his friend Cristiano Banti, visiting the Royal Palace of Caserta, likely setting the Knights of the painting. Returning to Florence, he knows the English nobles who will host the Falconiera Falconer, a chalet village Collegigliato at Pistoia. In these visits, lasted at least until 1868, he met families Drummond-Wolf and Cornwallis-West. The 1867 is the year of the famous debate with Desboutin, Signorini who asks her to intercede for him recover the keys still in the hands of his study of Boldini. In May, Hammer writes, saying he had advised the family to his home in Castiglioncello Amigues for the upcoming summer vacation. In the company of a friend greek be submitted by Mrs. Falconer in June, goes to Paris to visit the World Fair, from Milan, Arona, Garda, Switzerland, Sion, Neuch‚tel, in July, again in keeping Martelli in Castiglioncello. In the fall he traveled to Monaco with Falconer, the guest of General Marquis de AndrÈs JosÈ Esteban Serravalle, which runs the portrait. Returning from the Riviera, in 1868, is a constant guest of the Falconer Collegigliato where he produced wall decorations in their dining room. In this year maintains constant contact with Signorini, who occasionally joins him in Pistoia. Mrs. Falconer falls ill and, because of the lack of commitment on work by Boldini, their friendship cracks, so as to arrive at an actual litigation in which the painter claims the non-payment of some paintings still to run, and that the noblewoman says he never sought. In this regard, urges the lady several times Signorini's intervention to define the situation. Then Boldini painted another portrait for the family Falconer agrees to pay 1000 Swiss francs. Isabelle Falconer died the following year after a long illness. As he writes his daughter Isabelle, Adelina Wolf, the painter is still in debt to their family, and she urges him to finish the portrait of his son started months ago; Boldini an appointment for installation which however does not occur. In September of the house is sold via Borgonuovo in Ferrara in 1846 inherited from the family that Boldini, in April moved to Via Volta Bollard. As witnessed by the paintings and Young Young woman at the window to the window in the background of these is the Este Castle of Ferrara Via Borgonuovo seen from the house, in 1870 John spent some time in town, perhaps in March on the occasion of the death of grandson Francis, son of Joachim. On May 16, the artist requires a Mrs. Williams being paid to packaging and transport of some paintings. May 31 is rather dated receipt, addressed to him, 130 pounds of tailor Augustus Rose for the construction of garments. The Florentine bankers Morning and Eyre, having demonstrated their readiness in time to pay the sum demanded by Boldini, bothered to show you the payment reminder sent by the painter to Mrs. Williams. The infant died on October 10 Umberto nephew, son of Louis. He exhibited for the first time in London, in an unidentified private gallery. In March 1871 received a payment reminder by the sculptor Gaiani Aegisthus. On 3 May 1871 died in Florence, Antonio's grandson, the son of Beatrice, immediately after, 19, Boldini went to London where he resides at No. 14 Brunswick Square, hosted by the art dealer Reitlinger. Meet D'Ancona executing numerous portraits and works constantly for the English nobility. In June, Sir Cornwallis-West review which led him to move into his office at No. 49 Eaton Place, periodically moving in the countryside in the Castle West. Announces a trip to Paris. Cornwallis-West's attorney profitable commission presented to the Duke of Sutherland, the Duchess of Westminster and the Princess of Pless. In London, Boldini was nicknamed Little Italian. At the end of August based in Welsh, in a castle, called upon to portray the elderly owner. The first days of November, he settled in Paris and, with the model Bertha, resides at No. Of 12 Avenue Frochot. Developing the relationship with the dealer Goupil, probably known in London. This report characterizes the expressive figure of the author BoldiniMon Amour 87 until at least 1878. With Bertha in the early months of 1872 he moved to No 14 Place Pigalle. In the spring, recommended his friend Banta Albert Goupil, Adolphe son of the famous merchant, who arrived in Italy with the intention of buying paintings. In July Ferrara returns to his father's death, visiting Venice, working on the island of San Giorgio. Plan a trip to Spain where he would go from January to May. The trip - we do not know if it really happened in time - is witnessed by at least one painting of a subject from the Maghreb and two Hispanic subject, one of which is dated 1873: After the bath, dressed in Spanish couple with parrots, and Torero suonatrice of Guitar, 1873. Returning to Paris in June of 1873 again for a stay in La Ville-Combes where maintains correspondence with Signorini. On 30 November, from Paris, subscribe to the Art Newspaper which cooperate Cecioni and Signorini. Advised him to send his pictures to Goupil, asking him to put knowledge Cecioni than I liked your article about Meissonier. On 26 December he wrote to Signorini, informing him of bad sales performance and, above all, that failed to dispose of the works that he left him in Paris, suggesting to send it to Goupil for them to bear fruit at a better time. Exhibited at the Salon of 1874 and Blanchisseuse Les Pont des Saints Peres. Between October and November should be the first to Ferrara to visit his seriously ill mother and then to Florence. During this shift, in Paris, died his housekeeper. In the summer painting in the park of Versailles. Mariano Fortuny and died in November, March 7, 1875, the mother. Michele Gordigiani houses in his office and meets with Antonio Mancini. Established relations of intimacy with the Countess Gabrielle de Rasty, much to rent her a GarÁonniere. In May, he moved to Versailles in a furnished house in the Boulevard St. Antoine No 33, where he painted for Goupil. Banta asks to send the oil from Tuscany. On 26 September, hit by a cancer that goes out the psychiatric hospital of Ferrara, only thirty-three, his first girlfriend, Julia walks. It is unlawful for his works of the Florentine period are exhibited at the Gallery Borrani League because they are considered young and therefore not representative of his stylistic current. Banti calls to refer to the portrait of Paris Cecconi Asked for this purpose and also the pencil drawing depicting the parents. In 1876 he exhibited at the Salon painting Parc de Versailles. In the same year the guest of Cristiano Banti, first Montemurlo then Montorsoli. As is apparent from correspondence with Telemaco Signorini, in 1877 the artist announces a three month trip that will take him Bougival in Normandy and later in Spain. In February, Henry's nephew dies, the son of Joachim. It houses the sculptor Vincenzo Gemito sculpting his half-length portrait. Mancini visit his studio. On December 6, his sister Beatrice died. Signorini send him a copy of The 99 artistic discussions. In 1878 it eased relations with the dealer Goupil, Boldini weaves a close friendship with Degas. On 16 June, by Diego Martelli in Paris with Leto, Signorini and Pisani. In the summer goes on and Etr‡t Montroyal. Martelli, Paris correspondent of the Journal of Italy, reviewed works by Boldini go up for auction was held following the death of baritone Faure. Exhibited at the Salon of 1879, La Depeche. He enrolled at the Committee of the National Society of French Artists; visit Venice painting in the Palazzo Rezzonico. He spent some time in Etretat. On 28 July Enea Cirelli, widower of Beatrice Boldini, married the other sister, Filomena Boldini. The bride's brother Gaetano instead Amalia Bocchi. Together with the Countess Gabrielle de Rasty in 1880 secretly takes a holiday in GarÁonniere Avenue Trudaine No 24. In May he exhibited at the Salon de M.m. Portrait In June he wrote to Signorini, asking him to accompany him in Britain. In August, making a trip to Holland where he can admire the miraculous portraits of Frans Hals. He knows the director of the Museo del Prado, in-law of Mariano Fortuny. The September 14 calls Serafino De Tivoli to return to Paris from Italy because of the painters here Coffee Nouvelle AthËnes, Degas, and Desboutin Fichel, the claim. Exhibited at the Salon of 1881 Portrait de la Comtesse de R., to May Mancini wrote him a letter from the Asylum incomprehensible Province of Naples. Meet Signorini come to Paris to visit the exhibition. In July it with Bertha in Chatou where he received Signorini and De Tivoli. The teacher Emanuele Muzio, in 1882, once he portrayed, he worked for Giuseppe Verdi agreed to pose for Boldini. On December 17, becomes an honorary member of the Academy of Design in Florence. In 1883 he was awarded the Knight of the Order of the Crown of Italy. In January, Cecilia Madrazo Fortuny gives his portrait painted the year before. He attended the Cafe La Rochefoucauld, where he met Degas, Pissarro, Cervax, Sayings, Spiridio, Billingsley, Fichel, Pittara, Manzi, and more often, miss. On June 13, dies Enea Cirelli. Writing to his brother Theo, Van Gogh painting on the outside of his prejudices Boldini and then correct them in a letter immediately following. According to the testimony of letters of Signorini in 1884, ours is at odds with Degas. From June 20 to 25 in Paris Signorini, Boldini visit in his office where he finds the model Luisetta, then the friend of Verdi, Deleu, and the little girl Antoinette. Before his departure Signorini Boldini and exchange a few pictures, that is bestowed by Boldini Lady Empire in costume sitting at the table, painted years before. He attended Helleu. Boldini writes letters of recommendation in favor of presenting a Signorini Durand Ruel Boussox and then succeeded in the direction of the Maison Goupil. Sell 

some works to the art dealer Cram. In December, went to Nice for the performance of Aida. A Christmas visitor to Genoa, with Muzio, Verdi's go to Florence, where he arrived December 27 and receive the warm reception of many friends. 88 BoldiniMon Amour beginning of 1885 is still at the villa of Baron Montemurlo Banti guest with whom he spent the New Year. Back in Paris between January and February, he received photographs of primitive by Banti. In May, attended the funeral of Victor Hugo. Corresponds with Leopolda Banti Redi also about a pair of boots for Alaide as to create a French shoemaker, then shipped to Florence. At the beginning of July to be staying at the Hotel Royal in Naples, where he meets and Chiatamone Morelli, Groan, Altamura, Dalbono and many others. At the end of the month is again in Tuscany, guest of Montorsoli Banti, with whom he makes a trip to San Gimignano. In September he returned to Paris, where the friends find it greased. He wrote to Muzio, asking him to convey his greetings to Verdi. He attended De Degas and Tivoli. Do you suffer from toothache. On 26 December he wrote to his mother Alaide, Leopold, to allow her daughter to spend time in Paris with him, disputing its refusal to officially externalizing and his love for Alaide. In March 1886, with Muzio, Verdi meets en route to Paris with Josephine Strapponi; shall turn in a short time, his first run and then the oil portrait in pastel, presented in the same year the Gallery Georges Petit, but not for sale. He attended Alfred Stevens and Serafino De Tivoli. Cecioni died in May. On July 1 he moved to a house rented by his friend John Singer Sargent. The house is located in the Plaine Monceau, No. 41 boulevard Berthier. Announces a trip to Dijon, Geneva and Vevey. In September, takes a trip to Germany, stopping at Besancon by Veil-Picard to go with them to Geneva, Aix les Bains and then, alone, to Berlin by Menzel. During the trip he meets the son of Banti, Leonetto. There are many correspondences with Muzio which is in constant contact with the Greens. Boldini pretext calls to obtain the address of Banti English son Alfredo, who was a guest at Alaide, not getting answers. In autumn he went to London. At the first Otello, held in Milan on 5 February 1887, by Muzio receives a cake and a letter in which the musician provides him a place at La Scala for him and his friend Poidatz. Verdi alla Scala receives and gives him a score of the work with dedication. In February in Venice with Poidatz. In August in San Sebastian, where he attended the corrida. In September, visit the National Exhibition of Venice. In October and again in Venice, from where Banti continues to Verona. His friend Timothy Pasini's because he writes from Buenos Aires to rely Boldini paintings for sale. Banta asks for interest on his behalf for the purchase of an estate in Tuscany. He travels to Italy in the summer of 1888 meeting Laskaraki Lola, her old flame, with which it attempts to restore a love affair, but was rejected. The itinerary includes stops at Rimini, Ferrara and Florence, where in October, with Banti, he left for Rome meeting Cabianca. In a summer program trip to Montecatini Terme to meet Green. Siena is where he finds his sisters including Mary, almost dying. In September, in Venice, and soon after, by Verdi in Sant'Agata. Then to Bologna, where he visited the National Exhibition. On 20 October in Milan, departing for France, was found in Borgo San Donnino Verdi spent a pleasant day with him, staying at his villa from where, the next day, they left for Cremona directed by Joseph Strepponi. In November in Paris with her granddaughter Eva, the daughter of his brother Joachim. Writing to Banti, remembers when he was hit by a jellyfish in the waters of Castiglioncello host Hammers in the sixties and indicate their intention to purchase an estate near Siena to spend their old age. As his custom, asked Banta for filling oil, but also wine and Vin Santo. He attended the handling of Lacanne rue Tilsit and fencing lessons of Francis Recalcati. Exposition Universelle of 1889, Boldini figure in the dual capacity of exhibitor and commissioner of the Italian art section. In this position he will complete overcoming many difficulties and encounter the hostility of some Italian artists frustrated by the poor results obtained, is supported by Signorini, Rivalta, Banti, Muzzioli, and Francesco Sodini Gioli. The exhibition exposes the white crayon was awarded the Grand Prix and gold medal; Chevaux de relais, three pastel portraits - one of which is to Verdi and another portrays Felix Vivante - Les amis a watercolor and two oils, respectively, representing an extension of the church and a view of Venice. In late July Signorini wrote to let us know why the lowest possible price for the painting of the League and others who wish to participate in the lottery groped for the sale of remaining works to the exhibition closing. Having apparently also interested in the fate of the works of other artists, he received several responses of acceptance to lower prices, including those of Telemachus Signorini, Silvestro Lega, and Charles Raphael Pagliaccetti Pittara. Concluded his commitment to the Exhibition, Boldini went Trouville and in September in Spain and Morocco with Degas, via Madrid, Granada, Tangier, and visiting the Prado Museum, expresses admiration for the work of Velazquez. On October 2, back in Paris, warns that since it was outside Signorini, the committee has met in his absence and who does not know if the friend has been chosen. On October 30, receives a patent for Knight of the Legion d'Honneur. Two months later he died his sister Filomena. On December 26, Signorini wrote to ask him if he received the sum of three hundred pounds for the picture of the lottery. Maintains a correspondence with the League. The Reform published a nice review on the exhibition in Paris, Boldini is for Banti to send the copy of the newspaper. In a letter claiming to be very busy and continues to participate in dinners. In November of 1890 dies Emanuele Muzio. In February, adheres to the subscription of 200 francs for the purchase of Manet L'Olympia, with the intention of giving it to the Louvre Museum. Amour 89 BoldiniMon He joined the SociÈtÈ Nationale des Beaux-Arts, founded by Meissonier and others, to expose each year as opposed to the SociÈtÈ des Artistes FranÁais. In that edition exposes you: Portrait de M. John Lewis Brown et de sa famille, de RJ Portrait, Portrait de Mlle Berthier, Portrait de H., de Poidatez Portrait, Portrait de X, …tude. In the summer he travels to Trouville, probably in the company of Helleu. 1890 The dating of the painting Piazza delle Erbe in Verona evidenced by its presence in Italy that year. He takes English classes. In 1891, strives unsuccessfully to take in a Parisian bank Banti's son, Alfredo. In July in London. Exhibited at the Salon: Portrait de D., Portrait de S., Argentine singer and the Portrait of the small Subercaseaux. In August, in Aix-les-Bains to take baths and to treat a disorder in his leg. In September, stay in Bologna, Brescia and Venice. La Galleria d'Arte Moderna in Florence commissioned him in 1892 a self-portrait that he makes in his villa at Montorsoli, host of Banti, in return asked for and obtained a plaster cast of Cardinal de 'Medici by Bernini. For the first time Alaide Banti are indifferent to his attentions. In August, again on holiday in Aix-les-Bains. In October, in the company of Banti and Luigi Nono, was in Perugia, where he met with Nino Costa who goes to Rome. Back in Paris, gives lessons in painting American Ruth Sterling. Performs expansion work on the windows of the study. It is proposed again to buy an estate in Tuscany. He exhibited at the Salon du Champ de Mars, the portrait of Josefina Alvear de Errazuriz and her daughter. In February 1893 he was in Milan for the premiere of Falstaff, where, through the intercession of Verdi gets bound to remember the score of the work which will then autographed by the master. Continues for a short stay in Palermo, and returned to Paris, sends a gift to his oil portrait Verdi finally completed. In October, visit Bologna and Venice, Trieste and Vienna. The prince regent of Bavaria bestowed the Order of St. Michael. On 13 April 1894, while Boldini participates in a charity event, a fire began in the Bazar de la CharitÈ, causing many casualties. On 30 March with a letter introducing Borrani Leicoh Colonel, who passing through Paris would love to know. The mayor of Venice Richard Wild, creator and promoter of the Biennale art exhibition in the city of Venice, Boldini involved in the Committee of Patrons of the first review, with a mandate to seek membership of the leading French artists of the time. The commitment that he made the deal for most of the year, causing some concern for the development of the exhibition regulations and the inevitable antipathy born between participants. Dissuade the mayor of Venice Zandomeneghi from including in the list of artists invited to exhibit. Instead advocates adherence to the invitation: Helleu, Besnard, Bonnat, Raffaelli, Gervex, Sargent, Beraud, Detaille, Monet, Tissot, Chavannes, Cazin, Duran, Stevens, Rodin, Barrias, Breton, Flameng, Vollon, Gerome, Lemaire, Jeanniot, Wistler, Duez, Bartholomew, Dagnan, Bouveret, Roll, Carriere. Corresponds with the Greens. Wild discusses the need to allow artists to exhibit works that have also exhibited elsewhere, because, given the short time available, it would be impossible to produce a new live up to expectations. In April 1895 he inaugurated the first Venice Biennale, where Boldini is required to participate both as a member of the organizing committee, both as an exhibitor. At the exhibition presents a portrait of Verdi and the crayon portrait of Miss Errazuriz. The International Prize of the City of Venice is assigned to FP Michetti, present to the daughter of Jorio, while Boldini is the National Award of the municipalities in the province of Venice. The award, initially, is rejected by Boldini believes that the offensive even as under its own merits. He goes to London to attend the inauguration of an exhibition of Helleu, then at Versailles and again in September in Venice. During a visit to the exhibition of Fine Arts in Berlin, where he offers a portrait of the Princess Poniatowski and that of Ruth Sterling in his studio, running a portrait of Adolphe Menzel, dated October 21. At the Salon du Champ de Mars in 1896 has the Boldini portrait of the Princess Poniatowski, the Marchioness of Rochefort-Marguerite Lucaya and a portrait of a Lady. Decline the invitation of Count Filippo Grimani, the mayor of Venice, a member of the Committee of Patrons of the second Biennale, accepting instead of being appointed a member of the jury. At the Exhibition of Fine Arts in Berlin presents the Fruit Seller and the portrait of Charles Max In summer resident in the Engadine. Between winter and spring of 1897, often visiting family in BesanÁon Veil-Picard. Exhibited at the Salon a portrait of Veil-Picard and Count Robert de Montesquiou. He spent the month of July in London. In August, on holiday in Aix-les-Bains. In response to pressure exerted on him by Antonio Fradeletto in September in Venice is to carry out its commitments as a member of the Jury at the Biennial. To New York by steamer, arriving Nov. 20, received by the banker Kahn was invited to take part in a performance at the Metropolitan Theatre, where a large inscription warning the public of the presence in the hall of the famous artist and a large canvas depicts a view of his of Versailles. A New York resident at the Hotel Waldorf Astoria. He holds a solo show at Wildenstein Gallery at 303 Fifth Avenue. During the winter of severe pneumonia forced him to bed. Recovery, in April of 1898 he returned to Paris where he learned that in January died Redi Leopolda, the wife of Banti. In July, hosted by the Princess of Chimay in the homonymous castle. Between summer and autumn of that year he painted in the barracks of the dragoons of Versailles. Performs a crayon portrait of Giacomo Puccini. He spent the month of August in Saint-Moritz 1990 BoldiniMon Amour in the company of the Duchess Grazioli, the Infanta Eulalia of Spain and the Marquis Antonio Rudin. In October visit to Trieste. In June 1899, is located in Siena. He spent the summer holidays in the Engadine. Stay in Venice and exhibited in St. Petersburg where the Czar admires his work. In Australia, at the age of sixty, his brother Joseph died. Universal Exhibition of 1900 sets out: Portrait de dame, The Princess Eulalia, Portrait of M. Whistler Portrait de Schneider, Portrait de M. Le Comte, Fleurs, Portrait de Veil Picard, Portrait de S., Danse espagnole watercolor Parc de Versailles. E 'was awarded the Grand Prix. He makes a cruise on the yacht of John Gordon Bennett, owner of the American entrepreneur New York Herald, and spends the summer in Saint-Moritz. In March 1901, the artist was a guest of Florio in Palermo, where he paints a portrait of Donna Franca Florio, considered too risque by her husband, Ignazio, and then refused and later replicated, this time portraying the lady with an attitude more discreet. In March, he returned to Paris, annoyed at not having received the title of Commendatore of the Crown of Italy and for this reason do not wish to expose more at home. In August, again in Italy and had the opportunity to pass also from Florence. He spent the 1902 in Paris, working hard and dedicating many of his works to the Joss lady. To his many acquaintances are joined by two well-known names, and the Countess Francesca Ugo Ojetti Notarbartolo di Villarosa, married d'Orsay, which then acquire a good reputation as a writer with memories Ce que peux Ècrire. In July, may have been residing in London 39 Hyde Park Gate. The 1903 marks a resumption of its exhibitions, the artist is in fact a portrait at the Salon of the Societe National des Beaux Artes. With Portrait of Franca Florio, sent to the review by Florio, he participated against his will at the Venice Biennale. Calls from London to marry the daughter of Cristiano Banti which manifests its opposition, but, once back in Italy, the marriage fades, however, while remaining an affectionate bond with Alaide. This condition determines the final rupture of the long friendship between Banti and Boldini. The portrait activity continues strong throughout 1904: Among the many works of this year, the portraits of Victor Hugo, E. Rostand, Princess of Hohenlohe Rita and other noblewomen. At the Salon exhibits two portraits: Portrait de la princesse H. and Portrait de de L.. In August, the host of the Marchioness of Montegnart in Uriage-les-Bains. On December 4, dies Cristiano Banti. Fredaletto invited him to exhibit at the Biennale of 1905. Boldini participates with three works in 1905 at the Salon: Portrait de V., Portrait de L. and Portrait of M.W.. At the Venice Biennale shows a picture out of competition: The portrait of Whistler. He receives a letter from the grandsons of Isabelle Falconer, his old patron, who, now forced into poverty, asking for his help. Summer in Vittel with Joss de Couchy, which depicts several times. The teacher begins 1906 with a transfer to Avignon, then returned to Paris and participate in the sale of the art collection of actor Coquelin, which is also sold one of his paintings.


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